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Uses for Crotamiton ( N-Ethyl – O-Crotonotoluidide)


Alternative for topical treatment of scabies in adults. AAP, CDC, and others usually recommend topical permethrin 5% as scabicide of choice; oral ivermectin also recommended by CDC as a drug of choice.

May be less effective than topical permethrin. Treatment failures have occurred; several applications of the drug may be necessary.

Other scabicides usually recommended for treatment of severe or crusted (Norwegian) scabies†. Aggressive treatment with a multiple-dose oral ivermectin regimen or concomitant use of oral ivermectin and a topical scabicide may be necessary. HIV-infected and other immunocompromised patients are at increased risk of developing Norwegian scabies; CDC recommends that such patients be managed in consultation with an expert.

HIV-infected individuals with uncomplicated scabies should receive the same treatment regimens as those without HIV infection.


Has been used for treatment of pediculosis capitis† (head lice infestation). Safety and efficacy not established.

Treatment of pediculosis corporis† (body lice infestation). One of several options recommended for treatment of pediculosis corporis in the adjunctive treatment of epidemic (louse-borne) typhus. The causative agent of epidemic typhus (Rickettsia prowazekii) is transmitted person-to-person by Pediculus humanus corporis and thorough delousing (especially among exposed contacts of individuals with typhus) is recommended in epidemic situations.


Symptomatic treatment of pruritus.

Crotamiton Dosage and Administration

To avoid reinfestation or transmission of scabies, clothing and bed linen that may have been contaminated by the infested individual during the 3 days prior to treatment should be decontaminated (machine-washed in hot water and dried in a hot dryer or dry-cleaned).

Items that cannot be laundered or dry-cleaned should be removed from body contact for ≥72 hours.

Fumigation of living areas is not necessary and is not recommended.


Topical Administration

Apply topically to skin as 10% cream or lotion.

Do not apply to face, eyes, mouth, urethral meatus, or mucous membranes. For external use only; do not administer orally or intravaginally.

Shake lotion before using.

Post time: May-13-2022